The event starts each year at 1100hrs from Littlecote House Hotel – The vehicles start at 45 second intervals, with the first vehicle starting at 1130hrs. If you’re around on Saturday June 13th 2015 come along to the start of this years event and support the teams as they depart on their journey.


The reason that this venue is used as the start for this event is due to the fact that in September 1943 the US 101st Airborne Division requisitioned part of the house, and it became home to regimental staff, regimental headquarters company, and headquarters company of the 1st Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The house provided office space and sleeping quarters for 506th officers with the best rooms being allocated to Col. Robert F. Sink, Regimental Commander and Lt. Col. Charles H. Chase, his executive officer. The colonel used the library as his office, and a memorial plaque can now be found in this room. From airfields in this area, including Ramsbury just to the west of here, the Airborne Division took off during the night of 5 June 1944, the eve of D-Day, as part of the invasion of Normandy. Easy Company from this regiment have become famous through the book and TV mini-series Band of Brothers. All other ranks lived in Nissen huts built alongside the main drive between the house and the east lodge.

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Littlecote House Hotel
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