• Q: How many people can enter per vehicle?

    A: Provided all members are registered with the organisers, as many as can be legally carried. It is the responsibility of the individual teams to ensure that their vehicle seating conforms to the appropriate regulations for the countries visited. Driver and all passengers must wear seat belts when the vehicle is in motion.

  • Q: Can children enter?

    A: If there are at least 2 qualified drivers over the age of 18, yes! (Drivers under 18 are unable to drive in some European countries, and each team must have at least two drivers).

  • Q: Can teams from [wherever] enter?

    A: If they can make it to the start line, yes! Please contact Tim/Keith to discuss how to make payments from outside of the UK

  • Q: Which charity is the event supporting?

    A: The event charity is Help for Heroes – http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk.
    Since 2010 the H4H 4×4 European Rally has raised over £800,000 for this charity.

  • Q: Do we have to fundraise for the charity?

    A: Yes, ALL teams are asked to raise a minimum of £3000 for Help for Heroes.

  • Q: Does all the monies raised go to the Help for Heroes Charity?

    A: Yes, each crew is asked to use an online fundraising account via BMYCHARITY, which is owned by Help for Heroes and NIL commission is deducted.

  • Q: I am unable to join the rally but can I still make a donation?

    A: Yes, we welcome all donations – you can donate online via www.bmycharity.com/h4h4x4rally2015 or you can TEXT the word ‘RALLY’ to 70900 to donate £5.00.

  • Q: What are the dates for ‘H4H 4×4 European Rally’?

    A: The event starts on the 3rd Saturday in June each year

  • Q: Do we need to Hotels/Campsite?

    A: Hotels are not part of the rally arrangements. Campsites are included in the entry fee and will be booked automatically for each entry.

  • Q: Will there be electricity at the campsites?

    A: Some of the campsites have mains hookups available. These are 230v, 50Hz. Usually standard blue ‘commando’ outlets are used, but some sites may only have French/Schuko Hybrid (Euro CEE7/7) outlets (Euro plugs with an Earth pin on the socket).

  • Q: Who can drive in Europe?

    A: Holders of a Full UK Driving Licence, who are over the age of 18 may drive in Europe. People who have held their licence for less than 2 years are not to exceed 68mph on French motorways.

  • Q: Do we need a satellite navigation/GPS system?

    A: Yes, it is compulsory that you must have a satellite navigation/GPS system which includes European mapping and can take decimal lat/long GPS.

  • Q: Will the vehicles be tracked?

    A: Yes – One of our Event Partners have agreed to track every vehicle during the event. On approach to the event a page will be set up dedicated to this.

  • Q: Are there any toll roads?

    A: Yes. There are some sections of toll road, which are billed by distance travelled – You take a ticket when you enter the motorway, and pay at a booth as you exit. If you misplace the ticket, you pay the charge for the whole section of the route. The toll costs are not included in the rally fees.

  • Q: Do we need headlamp deflectors?

    A: Unless you have European (Non-UK) headlamps, yes.

  • Q: Do we really need a CB?

    A: Not compulsory but advisable. If you do, it has to be a CE Legal model (EU compliant). You should have a roof mounted aerial, too, rather than using a handheld inside the cabin. You may find yourself in convoy at some points, and the CB comes in very handy for discussing routes, rest stops, sights and smells!

  • Q: Does this event have a TWITTER Page?

    A: Yes it does, you can follow us at http://twitter.com/h4hrally (or search for us on Twitter: ‘@h4hrally’)

  • Q: Can the event be followed on FaceBook?

    A: Yes, our official page can be found at www.facebook.com/h4hrally

  • Q: Can we find the event on YouTube?

    A: Yes, our official page can be found at www.youtube.com/h4hrally